Ka-ching is an omnichannel Point of Sale software that helps retailers create unforgettable shopping experiences. With Ka-ching, you have everything. Sell online products directly from your store and add customer's delivery information. Send offers, give discounts, make gift cards or give the customer all necessary information about products from your store or webshop.

Ka-ching and FaVa

Ka-ching is ideally suited for medium and large retailers who want to increase sales and always be the head of the latest technology. Ka-ching is easy to set up, intuitive, and extremely well-functioning. Therefore, we have also chosen to enter into a collaboration with Ka-ching so that we can offer the best solution and hardware for omnichannel POS.

Omnichannel POS
Empower your store employees to sell online and from the store in one system. An advanced POS system with all the features you would like at a POS wrapped in an elegant and modern UI, with a dedicated focus on the employee experience.
Upselling and cross-selling
Sell the entire assortment—no more customers leaving your store empty-handed. Your employees can sell from the warehouse, webshop, and store in the same order. Import your investment in product data quality from your website to your store and empower your sales employees with digital value.
Ka-ching stock app
To ensure maximum flexibility, Ka-ching has developed Ka-ching Stock. The stock app allows you to do item reception and status counting directly from your tablet or phone using a scanner, camera, or manual entry.
Swipe and pay
The most crucial factor for your POS system is reliability. Ka-ching POS is built on a solid foundation that won't disappoint you. Ka-ching POS terminal offers an extensive palette of payment options, including credit card payments, mobile payments, gift cards, and cash.
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