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Velkommen FaVa

We understand your challenges

With more than 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, we have dealt with a wide variety of challenges. Our solution is customized to meet you where you are.

Your current working day is more than likely impacted by different systems, administrative tasks, and limited opportunities for automation. The systems do not interact; you must spend time and resources on repeated and manual processes and double-check if the work is correct. But what about all the other important work?

Get an easier work day with FaVa

In your new workflow with FaVa, it will be all different. You will save time and resources and get valuable insight into your business.

With FaVa, you will welcome:

All data can be found in one place

The opportunity of having everything with you on the go

Systems there are integrated

Time to focus on your costumers

A better shopping experience for your costumers

Better sales opportunities for your sales managers and agents

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Velkommen FaVa

Birger Christensen about FaVa

“It’s in line with our visionary DNA that Birger Christensen is a part of the first value chain-based solution for fashion. We believe that FaVa has become a game-changer for the fashion industry, and therefore, we must be a part of influencing the solution from the start.”


FaVa creates a digital work day where your platforms work together – including design, sales, logistics, and finance. With the solution, we offer a wide range of the best systems for the fashion industry in one integrated solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Additionally, we integrate the best solutions on the market in a way that does not compromise your IT solutions.

It doesn't have to be that hard...

FaVa combines the threads

A best-of-breed solution that handles everything from design and variants to sales and financial management.

FaVa creates a digital and easy work day, which can be managed from one platform – from design to the sales phase.

We integrate the best solutions available on the market, so you never have to compromise the quality of your IT.

Meet our partners

With our competent partners, you will be guided through all your processes, from design and variant management to sales and finance. We have created FaVa through close collaboration with our partners, who are all the best within their field of software solutions to the fashion industry. In its construction, FaVa is 100% built as Microsoft Business Central extensions, which means that you benefit from the expertise of industry leaders such as Delogue, Colect, LS Retail, and Microsoft.
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velkommen, fava

Behind the solution

FaVa is an industry-enhanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central extension that ensures safe variant and assortment management. FaVa also provides the ability to add selected third-party products through standard integrations that support your internal processes in a value-creating and efficient way – in the well-known front-end of Business Central.

Our carefully selected partners provide the best and latest solutions on the market, and we at FaVa take care of the core that connects it all. In that way, FaVa covers your entire value chain.

With FaVa, you can integrate everything interesting for your specific business.

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