Our partners are essential for our unique solution, as they ensure a combination of high-quality software and human resources with extensive experience in the fashion industry’s processes. They are your assurance on getting a solution that meets your needs and implementation on time, and thus also a successful solution.

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With our skilled partners, you will be guided smoothly through all your processes, from design and variant management to sales. We have created FaVa through a close collaboration with partners, each of whom is the best within their field of software solutions for the fashion industry. In its structure, FaVa is 100% built as extensions of Microsoft Business Central, which means that you benefit from the expertise of the leading partners in the industry, such as Delogue, Colect, LS Retail, and Microsoft.

FaVa gather the threads

A best-of-breed solution that handles everything from design and variants to sales and financial management.

FaVa creates a digital and easy work day, which can be managed from one platform – from design to the sales phase.

We integrate the best solution on the market, so you never have to compromise the quality of your IT solutions.

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