Delogue PLM is one of the most acknowledged platforms for handling the development of designs on the market – from concept to final product. Created by industry experts, Delogue PLM has the needs of your design teams in mind to organize designs and products.

At the same time, the platform connects internal and external teams, partners, and suppliers, which ensures better and more efficient knowledge sharing throughout all phases of product development. Delogue's customer portfolio includes Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk, Hummel, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, and Søstrene Grene.

Delogue and FaVa

We have chosen to work with Delogue because their solution is tailored to a fashion company's design and production phase. The platform is cloud-based, so you can continuously access the solution – also on the go.

After your design team determines production, products are transferred to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, where employees can handle purchases, sales orders, accounting, and more.

Create variants and measurement schemes
In Delogue, your team can create variations of a style, such as different colors and sizes, as well as create measurement schemes and exchange all types of files on individual designs.
Better communication
Delogue's communication tool allows for easier collaboration at collection, style, and item levels – and your suppliers can also access it to make the development process more painless and faster. Delogue PLM is a cloud-based solution that lets your employees work regardless of location.
Interactive dashboard
In an interactive dashboard, all stakeholders get a visual overview of styles and production tasks, as all product data and specifications are managed directly in the solution.
Easy price calculation
Delogue comes with a price calculation feature, which allows you to work with multiple and unlimited currencies, different delivery terms, different tailored pricing setups, and prices for different colors and sizes.
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