Continia creates the framework for your digital transformation of the finance department's processes. Today, more than 15,000 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions actively use one or more Continia solutions to automate administrative processes.

Continia offers solutions that are built into Business Central and are, therefore, fully integrated into your existing platform. This also means that it is easy to implement and cheaper for you to maintain.

Document Capture
Automate how your accounts department handles incoming documents – from receiving and registering a document to matching purchase orders, approving, accounting, and retrieving previously processed documents.
Document Output
With Document Output, your finance department can design and send professional-looking emails with the necessary documentation by gathering all types of outgoing documents into a single file for simple distribution.
Expense Management
Expense Management makes it easy to register and approve business-related expenses and travel activities. The finance department achieves a clear overview and easy management of incoming expenses, while it is easy for employees to submit receipts, mileage calculations, and subsistence allowances.
Payment Management
Payment Management is a complete payment suite that handles everything related to payments between your bank and Business Central. The solution ensures good quality and provides a high level of security throughout the payment process.
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