Ka-Ching x FaVa – A collaboration that makes sense

Ka-Ching x FaVa – A collaboration that makes sense

The fashion industry is developing rapidly, and digitization is particularly fast growing With FaVa and Ka-ching, you get a POS solution that considers the digital future in a stable future-oriented solution. The solution is for people who want a user-friendly and intuitive POS system and who want to create the best shopping experiences for customers.

FaVa and Ka-ching POS are designed for the fashion industry and have a wide range of functions that focus on good customer service, simple work processes, and a good user overview. Our skilled partners are carefully selected to create the best overall IT solution for the fashion industry. Here, Ka-ching POS is no exception, and with this checkout solution, you get the best conditions for sales staff and customers in your business.

An essential part of your business

FaVa collaborates with many partners to create the best IT solution for your company, and the POS system is, of course, an important part of the solution if you have physical stores. It must be easy, user-friendly, and flexible to sell your goods; therefore, the checkout system must be solid and reliable. Several processes are digitalized, and the POS system is no exception. Your chosen systems collaborate cross-wide, so all the information you need in everyday life is gathered into one solution.

3 good reasons to choose FaVa and Ka-ching POS for your company:

  • A modern and user-friendly point-of-sales system
  • Facilitates good buying experiences
  • Creates an overview and flexibility

The customer in focus

Previously, the checkout system was locked to a specific location in the store, but with Ka-ching POS, you can take your iPad or iPhone with you around the store. You can maintain contact with the customer throughout the purchase process and quickly look up sizes and colors next to the customer, for instance, in the fitting room or in-store. The sales staff no longer have to go back to inventories to check stock status or availability for other colors and fits but can go through that process with the customer directly from their iPad or iPhone.

With Ka-ching POS, you can also quickly sell goods from the webshop directly to the customer in the physical store. If a product is sold out in your physical store but available on the company’s e-commerce platform, you can sell it with a few clicks and send it directly to the customer’s home. This can also be done with the mobile POS to easily sell the customer the product, e.g., the fitting room.

The customer can also check the stock and availability of the product in advance via the webshop so that the customer does not go to a physical store in vain. In many ways, FaVa and Ka-ching meet customers’ digitization requirements now and in the future, making the buying experience easy and fluid.

Ka-ching Omnichannel POS

Easy access to the full omnichannel catalog.

In Ka-ching, they still see physical stores as the ultimate place for the best meeting between the consumer and a brand. That is why they have developed a POS system that equips your store for the future.

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