About the solution ​

FaVa is a modern fashion industry IT solution that supports the management all processes from product development to sales and financial management. FaVa is preferred by large brands, as the solution considers the many product variants typical in the industry – hence the name Fa(shion) Va(riant).

IT solution for the textile and fashion industry

With the solution, we offer a modern palette of the best systems for the fashion industry in one integrated solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central In other words, you get an end-to-end solution that effectively handles all parts of your business.

FaVa is an industry-specific fashion and textile solution, creating a digital workday where your preferred platforms collaborate. The solution is an industry-improved extension of the financial system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which secures you a safe variant and assortment management. FaVa also provides the ability to add selected third-party products through standard integrations that support your internal processes in a value-creating and efficient way – in the well-known front-end of Business Central.

What embraces FaVa?

The solution is an industry-improved expansion of the financial system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, where you also have the opportunity to integrate with your other systems and platforms. FaVa is built as a best-of-breed solution that, for example, allows your designers to work in Delogue and your salespersons in Colect. At the same time, we ensure that you have control of your entire value chain with the Power BI reporting tool, which gives you real-time insight into your company's key figures – and it is also possible to integrate FaVa with the more than 1,000 additional solutions available for Business Central to suit your needs exactly.

Below, you can read much more about how the solution supports and optimizes the value chain and your business.

Which FaVa features do you get?

FaVa creates a digitized workday where the platforms collaborate – from product design to the sales phase. We integrate the best solutions on the market, so you never have to compromise your IT solution.


The solution there is developed by designers for designers

During the design phase, it is essential to have an overview of designs and prototypes/samples, as well as the opportunity to react to the unpredictable challenges and delays, that happens in a product development process. Therefore, FaVa has incorporated integration to Deloque, which is a customised solution for the design and product development phase. The user-friendly solution is web-based, so it can always be accessed no matter where you are.

With the integration to Delogue, among other things, get:

Brand management

Get control over product data and Asset Management

Having control of your brand is often a priority for companies in the fashion industry. As the company grows, it becomes harder to control everything manually, and the need for help from IT systems increases. FaVa helps you keep track of your product information (PIM) and your photos and videos (DAM), so you completely control your brand image. But also in the purchase and sales process, as you can manage different brands simultaneously within the solution. This allows you to take ownership of your brand image and manage product data internally within your system.

Among other things, you get:


Planning and Flow that Makes Sense

When your goods are picked from the warehouse and delivered to the right time and place, it is important to have a system that collaborates with everything from procurement to inventory, logistics, and sales. That's what FaVa does. You get all the relevant information you need to perform efficient warehouse and delivery planning, both for inbound and outbound planning. This results in satisfied customers and a better bottom line

With the logistics module in FaVa, you get, among other things


Manage the entire procurement process

To meet your customers' needs, it's important to have control over your purchase orders. In the fashion industry, managing purchases can be complex due to many variants. FaVa is designed to address these challenges, allowing you to have control over the entire purchasing process, both in acquiring materials for production and finished goods. With FaVa, it's easy to trade and maintain an overview

Among other things, you get:


Get an overview of your products and processes

Managing your products throughout your business requires close collaboration between several departments. With FaVa you get one source from which data and processes for materials, production, procurement, shipments and sales are handled. All to ensure efficiency and transparency, as well as provide you with the best conditions for a profitable business. Among other things, you get modules that can help you with:

Among other things, you get modules that can help you with:


Get an overview of your products and processes

The key to the success of any business is efficient and thorough financial management. This is especially crucial in the fast-paced fashion world, where accuracy, timeliness, and a continuous flow of updated information are vital for success.

FaVa provides you with all the necessary and common financial functions in Microsoft Business Central, as well as handling very specific financial processes for the industry

Among other things, you get:

Document management

Digitized financial business processes

Processing and archiving internal documents and invoices is a time-consuming process in many companies – not least in the fashion industry, where you typically have many suppliers and retailers. With FaVa, you integrate to document and payment management solutions that simplify your processes and save you time. Therefore, you can opt for optimized financial flow and business process

Among other things, you get:


Gain an overview of your business and make the right decisions

In the world of fashion, things move quickly, and accurate key figures are crucial for navigating effectively in a complex environment with many sales opportunities. With FaVa, you get the necessary reports to support decision-making in steering your business towards success.

The Business Intelligence solution combines data from your platforms in the reporting tool Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based solution that quickly and easily provides insight into your business through data visualization. Business Intelligence and its development are often associated with heavy costs, time-consuming resources, and complexity. It doesn’t have to be that way. FaVa integrates all your platforms, giving you an accurate picture of your expenses and earnings across the business.

With the reporting tool, you have centralized control, offering a comprehensive sales overview where you can delve into your products, variants, segments, sales seasons, and more. You can also receive ongoing updates during your active seasons, gaining insight into the sales performance of all styles and brands. This provides clear and dynamic control over assortments and variants, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and analyze purchasing behavior down to the detailed level of a style or more broadly across a brand or collection.

The reporting tool makes it fundamentally easier to make informed decisions using fewer resources. This is achieved by drawing on internal and external data from your website, social media platforms, Excel sheets, and, of course, your Business Central solution.

As an added benefit, you get 3 months of free reporting with Microsoft Power BI when you invest in FaVa, allowing you to try it out and experience the advantages for yourself.

Among other things, you get:


How we make the sales process better for you

FaVa ensures the possibility of an optimal data structure for sellers and agents, deliveries, seasons, variants, and assortments, all of which support the need for sales.

A successful sales department needs accurate data; such as updated prices, product information and stock levels, and updated customer information. With FaVa you get all the information in one place. You have a complete sales overview and can negotiate prices or respond to customer inquiries. Among other things, you get the following functions:

Among other things, you get:

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