Microsoft is one of the world's largest IT companies and is behind a wide range of products and services. Their business management and data visualization solutions are some of the most widely used solutions in the world.

Microsoft 365 Business Central is one of the latest business management solutions, and it manages your entire supply chain, giving you an overview of finances, production, inventory, purchase, and much more.

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool designed for data visualization. With Power BI, you can make decisions based on facts and concrete numbers. The solution is connected to Microsoft Business Central, and you get access to a solution where everything talks to each other.

Microsoft and FaVa

Microsoft 365 Business Central is the very core of FaVa. This means that our partners' other extensions and solutions will be connected to your Business Central. Of course, we make sure of that. We have chosen Business Central as the core of our solution because we believe it is the best business system on the market – and the system with the most opportunities. Business Central is extensible, which means you can adapt it to your business needs – today and in the future. Coupled with Power BI, it creates a really good basis for managing your business.

Make your company's vision a reality with connected solutions

Optimize your supply chain
Business Central creates clarity over your entire supply chain, and you get an overview of your finances, sales, inventory, and operations. You can make important decisions faster because you have real-time access to your business data. Everything is up to date, and you get insight into how to use your resources in the best possible way.
A solution that grows with you
Because Business Central is extensible, it's a solution that grows with you. Business Central suits most companies, and you should not be afraid to grow out of the system. If you suddenly need new features, you can connect apps and integrations.
Automated reporting with Power BI
Let go of confusing and chaotic Excel sheets and visualize your data with a user-friendly tool. Power BI allows you to extract data from your financial system, website, social media platforms, and everything in between. In addition, you can access your data from a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
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