Atradius is an expert in providing easy and simple credit insurance management. With credit insurance, you have sufficient financial resources to invest, grow, and pay your bills, and you'll recover any losses if your customers aren't able to pay their outstanding. Atradius credit insurance is a valuable tool for credit management. With more than 90 years of experience and a market share of 60%, Atradius is a leader in Denmark.

Atradius and FaVa

The solution, Atradius Flow, integrates credit insurance into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With Atradius Flow, you can work with credit insurance in your familiar environment, where all processes related to your credit insurance will be supported and automated. With always up-to-date and correct data, you will also experience a high degree of security. At the same time, an automatic credit assessment of your portfolio is made, which ensures an overview and the opportunity for consistent follow-up on your debtors.

The integration thus gives you access to in-depth knowledge about global markets and the financial situation within which your company operates, as it connects your financial system with Atradius' database.

Your company will be better equipped to withstand potential risks – and you will also experience a much higher degree of efficiency with credit insurance and Atradius Flow.

Flow in your administration
When credit insurance is integrated into Microsoft Dynamics, credit insurance management can be done more efficiently while minimizing the risk of errors.
Increased knowledge of credit risks
Atradius Flow makes Atradius' information about your buyers available in your financial system. This gives you increased knowledge about credit risks while allowing for better knowledge sharing of credit risks throughout your organization.
Save time on manual typing and reduce the risk of typing errors
Atradius Flow saves you time on manual typing and reduces the risk of typing errors by automating essential workflows in your daily credit management. You get more time for your core tasks and, at the same time, greater security in your credit management process.
Work directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Atradius Flow makes it easy for your employees to work with credit insurance and get started with this easily and quickly. It takes place in the familiar Microsoft Dynamics environment, making training quick and simple.
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